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Inspiring the Church to Think Critically
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FEATURED TOPIC 1. Growing Up Christian
Dr. Stan shares delightful stories of his growing up Christian in America and how he learned the importance to his Faith of: 
(a) Obeying God, 
(b) Reason (not faith alone), (c) Righteousness in prayer, (d) the Scientific Method, 
(e) the Purpose of Everything, 
and (f) Risk.
The talk is based on Stan's Catholic Memoir: 
A collection of Americana styled stories that illustrate how God led him to the Catholic faith.

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ADDITIONAL TOPICS 2. The Logical Case for Catholicism 3. Scientific Evidence or Catholicism 4. Change the World with Storytelling 5. 20 Secrets of Impactful Storytelling 6. Discovering YOUR Life Mission 7. Development Hell: Producer vs. God
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