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Topic 3

Scientific Evidence or Catholicism

Understand how the scientific method reinforces Catholic theology

Audience: Catholic Conferences, Special Events, Parish Missions & Retreats


Does truth come to us from the teachings of the Catholic Church OR from Scientific Evidence? Dr. Williams explains how how evidence for the truth comes from both, and how the teachings of Catholicism are supported by the Scientific Method. More astonishing, he explains that without Catholicism's worldview the work of science is incapable of progress. Dr. Williams, with degrees in physics, an early career as an engineer in the space program, and now as a master communicator, explains how the scientific method works in both hard and social science and how it applies to religious faith, but how it only really works in Catholicism. Special attention is given to the obvious rational order of the universe, versus the randomness/chaos claimed by atheists.


Length: 20-60  min.

AV: None.

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