Dr. Stan Williams Catholic Speaker Film & TV Producer, Author, Apologist Catholic Media Distributor

Inspiring the Church to Think Critically
and Communicate Clearly


Stan Williams is passionate about helping the Church think critically and communicate clearly the reasonableness of Christianity, the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Laws of Nature—three concepts he understands to be the same thing.


Being raised in an Evangelical Christian home, frequented by missionaries and preachers, Stan's faith in God and the Bible grew strong over the years, although the same could not be said of his faith in denominational Christianity. But he always longed to help others fall in love with the God of creation and the Natural Laws of the universe. He understood how they kept us spiritually centered and physically safe.


Stan lives in southeast Michigan with his wife, Pam. Nearby are their three children, Trudy, April and Josh with spouses and ten grandchildren. During the warm months they enjoy taking friends and associates sailing aboard their sailing vessel Family Ties.


He holds a B.A. degree in Physics from Greenville College, an M.A. degree in Interpersonal Communications from Eastern Michigan University, and a Ph.D. in Film Studies and Narrative Theory from Wayne State University.


For almost five decades, as a media writer-producer-director and editor, Stan has managed over 400 film, video, and live show productions for corporations, non-profits, and religious organizations. Many were training projects designed to better the lives of individuals by improving their skills, employability or keep them safe.


As a public speaker, Stan started out in 4th grade as the master of ceremonies for his elementary school's talent show. Since then he's facilitated and made presentations at conferences, boardrooms, classrooms, churches, led both small and large group workshops and even spent several years training NASA astronauts.


He was the owner-president of a successful corporate communication company, vice-president, creative director for Chrysler's dealer training agency, and the creative director for Harley Davidson Dealer Training.


Throughout his professional career in communication and film production, Stan continued to produce Christian media for evangelism and education.


In 1998 he converted to Roman Catholicism after many years of struggling to rectify the philosophical inconsistencies of Protestantism. Excited by what he found, he began to produce Catholic media, and founded Nineveh's Crossing a Catholic media sales and distribution company.


Dozens of his Catholic productions have found worldwide audiences on religious network television and radio, including EWTN, Boston's Catholic-TV, and Protestant networks like Trinity Broadcasting.


Constantly striving to communicate the truth of the Gospel, now from a Catholic perspective, he's written extensively for Catholic websites and blogs, tutored Catholic Home School teens and has been an occasional guest on Ave Maria Radio, Sirius Radio's The Catholic Channel, Archdiocese of Detroit's "Dialogue," Boston's Catholic-TV, was featured in The Michigan Catholic, and has spoken at numerous Catholic conferences.


Professionally he authored the Hollywood story structure guidebook: The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue and Vice for Box Office Success, and has gone on to become a Hollywood Story and Script Consultant on motion pictures that have grossed more than $1 billion in worldwide distribution.


Most recently Stan released his Catholic conversion story as a memoir. Growing Up Christian: Searching for a Reasonable Faith in the Heartland of America is available at Nineveh's Crossing and all major on-line booksellers.

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