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Topic 2

The Logical Case for Catholicism

Learn the secrets of being a confident Catholic witness.

Availability: Live Parish Talk, or Video On-line















On-Line Access: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/logicalcasecatholicism


Length: 7 Sections, total 2.5-3.0 hours


Audience: Catholic Conferences, Special Events, Parish Missions & Retreats


Description: Unlike other versions of Christianity, Roman Catholicism is void of logical and linguistic fallacies. In this talk Dr. Williams shares some of the logical and linguistic fallacies associated with other Christian faiths and how Catholicism is different. This provides answers to those that challenge Catholicism. The answers are those that led him confidently to Roman Catholicism.


A/V Required for live presentation: Electronic projection and sound for laptop. 75 slides, 6 videos with sound.


Content Outline


The Start and Duration Times in the outline below refer to the on-line version of this course, available here:



Introduction 00:00  (Length: 11 min)


1. LOGIC TERMS (Define Terms)  Starts: 10:45  (Dur: 27 min)

•  Logos

•  Argument

•  Opinion

•  Validity

•  Fallacy


2. NATURAL LAW (Logic’s Best Friend) Starts: 37:16 (Dur: 11 min)

•  Physical

•  Psychological


3. NATURAL LAW (Logical Short Cuts) Starts: 48:38 (Dur: 25 min)

•  Biblical Precepts

•  Catholic Precepts

•  Social Research


4.LAW AND ORDER (Logic’s Best Evidence) Starts: 1:13:40 (Dur: 32 min)

•  Logical Order

•  Human Genome

•  Free Will


5. LOGICAL CONTRADICTIONS (Logic’s Demise Pt 1) Starts: 1:45:33 (Length 21 min)

•  Contradiction vs. Paradox

•  The Dominant Contradiction


6. TWO LOGICAL FALLACIES (Logic’s Demise Pt 2) Starts: 2:06:34 (Length 14 min)

•  Equivocation

•  Difvocation


7. FOUR ESSENTIALS OF A GOOD ARGUMENT (Logic’s Solution) Starts: 2:20:24 - 2:47:27 (Length 27 min)

•  Relevancy

•  Acceptability

•  Sufficient

•  Rebuttal Proof


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