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Growing Up Christian:
Searching for a Reasonable Faith in the Heartland of America

Discover the reasoning behind Christianity...not just the faith...alone.

Audience: Catholic Conferences, Special Events, Parish Missions & Retreats ﷯Dr. Williams' shares his life-long search for a version of Christianity that was based on reason and evidence-based faith and not on the blind faith or ideology of his upbringing. He'll use stories from his memoir Growing Up Christian: Searching for a Reasonable Faith in the Heartland of America, ...and promises that his talk with not take a life-time. Stan Williams was born into a Bible believing, Evangelical home. But he was utterly confounded by all the versions of Christianity around town. Each claimed to be the exclusive caretaker of truth and interpreter of the Bible. Yet, each disparaged the others. Who had the truth? Why was the church he was raised in "right" and everyone else "wrong?" Was everyone out of step except his little denomination? How could that be true? The last place he considered was Roman Catholicism. He was taught Catholics were not Christians. And so, his life became a fascinating, odd, and sometimes humorous journey of faith. It led him where he least expected. From a little boy seeking adventure, to a denomination-hopping man crisscrossing America's Christian landscape, Stan entertains and challenges us with stories of his intrepid journey as he searched for a spiritual home that embraced both the faith of his fathers and the reason of natural law. Length: 20-60 min. AV: None.

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