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Inspiring the Church to Think Critically
and Communicate Clearly

Topic 4

Change the World with Storytelling

Learn how stories effectively teach what is good, true, and beautiful to the next generation.

Audience: Catholic Conferences, Special Events, Parish Missions & Retreats


In this talk you'll learn why and how storytelling is the most effective method of passing on moral values from one generation to the next. You'll also discover how the Bible and Jesus used stories to clearly communicate truth. This talk is based on scientific research and Dr. Williams' professional experience in the movie industry. The ancient concepts that allow stories to connect with individuals are based on his successful Hollywood industry trade book The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue and Vice from Box Office Success. This presentation is a sub-set of the workshops he's given at film and writing conferences across the country and in Los Angeles.


Length: 20-90 min.

AV: Video projector, and screen for laptop... but not necessary.

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