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Catholic Articles Some Which Deal with Film

Older Film Criticism by Stan Williams

Review of a new indepedent film from Philip Angelotti Jr and Steven Langa

The Motion Picture Challenge for Michigan.
An open letter to the Michigan Film industry in reaction to comments made at DFO and MFAC public meetings.

THE SPARKY CHRONICLES - A Spoof, A Lesson, and a Fallacy.
A review of the excellently produced Evangelically spy spoof, and how it ridicules Protestant distinctives while ironically and unintentionally embracing Roman Catholicsm.

Violence in THE PASSION
Is there too much violence in Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF THE CHRST?
Appeared as lead article on 2 April 2004.
Using the Dark Side to Spread the Light (CLICK HERE for EXTENDED interview)
...with JUDAS Director, Charlie Carner, or...
CLICK HERE for abbreviated interview as it appeared on March 4, 2004.
Fighting the Lyrics
Why and how THE FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS is "Gospel" and not "Abhorrent" as some suggest.
Appeared on 23 February 2004.
The Myth of PETER PAN - A Christmas Gift
The Christian symbolism in the latest rendition of PETER PAN
Appeared on 24 December 2003.
SECONDHAND LIONS: Moral Relativism or Absolute Truth
What does it mean when Uncle Hub tells Walter: "It doesn't matter if it's true or not?"
A gift to filmmakers and fans alike.
Review and Interview with Cast and Crew
Appeared on 19 September 2003.
Sin on the Screen � a Reel Dichotomy
The difference between real sin and portrayed sin.
Appeared on 4 July 2003.
Interview with Tom Shadyac (version with Stan's preface.)
Interview with Tom Shadyac (version as it appeared May 30, 2003 on
Director of BRUCE ALMIGHTY and committed Catholic.
The Good of Conflict and Immorality in Movies
Why and how movies can motivate us to change for the good.
Appeared on 16 May 2003.
The Making and Meaning Behind LEVITY
An Interview and e-mail exchange with Ed Solomon
Working out the Moral Premise of LEVITY
<-- At left, Ed direting Holly Hunter on the LEVITY set.
Click here for link to SHORTER VERSION of article in's archives.
Meaningless Ratings
Why a film's rating has absolutely no connection with its moral validity or truth.
Click here for link to article in's archives.

Two Towers and a Ring of Power: Tolkien on Terrorism
National Catholic Register, February 23-March 1, 2003, page 9.

LORD OF THE RINGS Cast Sees Good Worth Fighting For
An interview with the Cast and Crew
Appeared on front page of the National Catholic Register, December 22, 2002.

LORD OF THE RINGS Fundamentals
20 ways the films are both Christian and Catholic
Click here for link to January 6, 2003 article in's archives.

Unedited Interview with Michael Hoffman
Director of The Emperor's Club (2002) and One Fine Day (1996)
Click here for link to December 6, 2002 abbreviated interview in's archives.

Unedited Interview with Jay Russell
Director of Tuck Everlasting (2002) and My Dog Skip (2000)
Click here for link to October 18, 2002 abbreviated interview in's archives.
Rats in the Belfry of Christian Thinking
A critique of some Christian film reviewers.
Appeared in MovieGuide - January A, 1997

Demystifying Motion Picture Investments
Explanation of how motion pictures make money, why most films don't, and what investors should do to improve their ROI.
Click here for link to July 26, 2002 article in's archives.

Chastity Succeeds in Hollywood: An Interview with Catholic Author Nicholas Sparks
A closer look at the 2001 hit movie A Walk to Remember and the author behind the work.
Click here for link to July 12, 2002 article in's archives.

Lights, Camera,...Faith!: The Truth in Stories Revealed
Review of a fascinating "movie lectionary" that describes how 73 different motion pictures illustrate the truths found in the Gospel readings for Sundays and the main feasts of the liturgical year.
Click here for link to July 5, 2002 article in's archives.

Christian Organizations Active and Busy in Hollywood
Brief descrition of over 20 Christian ministries that work with members of the Hollywood entertainment industry.
Click here for link to May 31, 2002 article in's archives.

Christians in Hollywood: It's Not About the Shows
Interview with PAX-TV's DOC series creator and producer, David Johnson.
Click here for link to Mary 23, 2002 article in's archives.

Long Form Interview with Brian Bird, January 1995

Changing the World by Changing Hollywood: One Writer at a Time

Popular Motion Pictures Are Imbued With the Center of All Truth
How and why the story structure of all successful motion pictures inherently contain the truth of the Gospel.
Click here for link to April 18, 2002 article in's archives.

Motion Pictures -- A Window to Our Divine Destiny
An explanation of why motion pictures are the most popular and the most effective of all communication mediums.
Click here for link to April 12, 2002 article in's archives.

Articles by Others

Reasons for Hope
A speech by Barbara Nicolosi on the state of the Church in Hollywood after THE PASSION.
Gnosticism, Movies, and the Struggle for the World's Soul
Part 1 of 2 by Legionary Father Alfonso Aguilar.
National Catholic Register, March 30�April 5, 2003, page 9.
Into the Gnostic Wonderland of Movies
Part 2 of 2 by Legionary Father Alfonso Aguilar.
National Catholic Register, April 6�12, 2003, page 9.
Trexler-Aguilar Debate
Is HARRY POTTER based on Christian or a Gnostic worldview?

Steve McEveety: Catholic Producer in Hollywood
by Greg Heffernan
McEveety has produced some of Mel Gibson's most popular films, including What Women Want and Passion. Here he discusses his faith, family and career.
St. Anthony Messanger - January 2001
Hollywood Reconnects with Families
by Michael Medved
Why movies are booming.
USA Today, July 23, 2002
Hollywood Discovers God
by Gayle White
STAR SEARCH: Hollywood celebrities and newcomers, looking for more in life, turn to God.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - March 23, 2002
A Walk to Remember
by Terry Mattingly
Producer DiNovi talks about the film's genesis and success.
Washington Bureau - February 20, 2002
by Pope Paul VI
What the Church says about the movies.
Vatican - December 4, 1963