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Topic 5

20 Secrets of Impactful Storytelling

Learn how to tell morally relevant and impactful stories

Audience: Narrative writers and producers, fiction and non-fiction, short and long form. (A short version can be adapted for readers of novels, and play and movie goers. )


Storytellers and public speakers can consistently connect with audiences and a transformational level by following the universal natural laws of story structure. Dr. Williams presents modules from his Moral Premise Secrets of Successful Storytelling Workshop, which has been described by Hollywood insiders as a "Masters' Class" in how to structure and tell stories that connect with audiences. The material he presents is heavily illustrated with graphic slides and movie clips, and is based on his book, The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue and Vice for Box Office Success. Material also available on-line at Storycraft Training.


Length: 60 min. to 2 days

AV: Video projector, screen, and sound system for laptop computer

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